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RECREATE...coming soon

Why recreate?  


OUR MISSION IS TO RECREATE the plastic industry through creative ideas and solutions. 

Join our movement to encourage businesses, city and world leaders, and people world-wide to RECREATE a cleaner and healthier planet for the next generations.

We realize our old system to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is no longer enough.... and we need to RECREATE!



We are a group of middle school students from the USA and AFRICA on a mission to find solutions for the 91% of Plastic that Doesn't get Recycled Worldwide. 




We want to encourage businesses and people to use their imagination to recreate better systems and products for our environment.



  • A million plastic bottles are bought around the world EVERY MINUTE. - Forbes

  • It take a plastic bottle over 400 years to decompose.  - NOAA

  • Every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans? - World Economic Forum

  • Almost 80% of plastic carried to the ocean comes from 1,000 rivers around the world.  - The Ocean Cleanup

  • By 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the sea.  - Ellen MacArthur



  • Recycling centers can't keep up with the extreme use of single-use plastics.  

  • Most of the USA ships their plastic waste to third-world countries without any expectation that it will be recycled.

  • Many African countries use single-use plastic because they have poor water quality.

  • Illegal dumping of single-use bottles in other countries is a major problem.

  • The majority of plastic is carried into the ocean from some of the dirtiest rivers around the world.  






































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