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Why recreate?  


We live in a world where we buy too much.  We consume too much.  We use too many natural resources.  All of this causes tons of pollution and waste. 


Learning about the dangers of plastic lead to the idea of Recreate.  First we learned "A million plastic bottles are bought around the world EVERY MINUTE." (Forbes)

And then we learned "It take a plastic bottle over 400 years to decompose."  (NOAA)  And finally, "Over 91% of the plastic produced in the world is NOT recycled."  

We realize our old systems of energy, raw materials, production, and consumption cause harm... and we can do better.  It is time to RECREATE!

Our Mission is to encourage governments, businesses, and people to use their imagination to innovate and "recreate" better systems and better products so that we have a cleaner and healthier planet that we all can enjoy.  


Let's Recreate the Way We Live, Love & Play

We have been asked "Why are we doing what we do?" 
The quick answer is "We love the planet.  We love nature.  We want to conserve and protect it.  We want to enjoy it!!!  And we want to preserve it for future generations."

In honor of preserving nature, we have built a new retail site to help support our projects  - and help you enjoy your time outdoors.


Find all kinds of sustainable products - new "recreated" products for camping, for playing, for chilling at home, and to use at work or school.  

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