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Engineering for the Environment

What is "Engineering for the Environment?"  Through creative engineering we can find solutions to environmental problems.  Like windmills and solar panels that produce clean energy, we aim to inspire children to think BIG, think INNOVATION, think NEW, think SOLUTIONS.  

Refrigerator - Now an Incubator!

Rashid and Ali have been busy "recreating" by turning a refrigerator into an incubator.  They are both "engineers" and "problem solvers."

Building Solar Cars - Environmental Club

Justin and the Environmental Club at his school are learning that engineering can provide solutions to global problems.  They have goals and plans to make their school more "green" and more sustainable.   

Engineering & Inspiration

Awarded Most Passionate Engineer

Justin was Awarded Most Passionate Engineer in 6th Grade at SFC. 

He wants to continue to expand his work with the school and connect with friends that have a similar interest in a fun and meaningful way. 

Crunch Labs

Justin found Mark Rober's Crunch Labs...  12 months later, Justin has 12 really cool machines. 

Boyan Slat and the Interceptor

Working with Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup bring The Interceptor Boat to Los Angeles and Ballona Creek.

Precious Plastic Bowls

Dave Hawkins and Precious Plastic inspired Justin to take on his first BIG plastic recycling and repurposing project.  

Buddy Bench

200 pounds of plastic caps!!!  Tons of effort to build a bench for Justin's Elementary School.  

Inspired by The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

"The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind" showed Justin that he could become an engineer at any age.

Inspired by Galileo Camps

Justin's passion for creating, building, and engineering started at an early age.  And thanks to galilep camps, Justin and many other future engineers have a place to experiment.  

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