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The Parallel Projects is a Global Campaign

about communities, schools, clubs, and people working together and “in parallel” to solve problems shared by all of us. 

Our primary goal is to solve the problems.

Working together on a shared problem makes a huge impact.  This worldwide movement gives others a sense of belonging by working “in parallel” on projects that help the planet.  The Parallel Projects focuses on creating habit changes in hopes to get youth worldwide to avoid single-use plastics when possible and use reusable products to create a cleaner world.  

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At eight years old, Justin met Dr. Jane Goodall, and she inspired him with just a few words.  


She told him that it is projected by the year 2050, if we don’t make changes today, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 



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Rashid lives in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  Zanzibar is an island so water quality and plastic pollution is very important for his community for many reasons.  It is his hope to keep the ocean clean for animals and people.  

Rashid recognized very early is his life that one of Tanzania's biggest problems was plastic pollution and illegal dumping. And the plastic pollution often ends up in the ocean. 

This is a problem that he decided focus on so that he could help protect his island and the world oceans.  Rashid shared that Zanzibar Town has 86 designated waste-dumping points AND unfortunately it has another 92 illegal waste-dumping points.  



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Mr. Ame Haji Vuai

.The Parallel Projects works together with Youth of the United Nations Association (YUNA).

A youth led nongovernmental organization (NGO) that works to promote the UN objectives to improve the lives of youth in Zanzibar. The vision of YUNA Zanzibar is to bring the UN to the young people and the young people to the UN

The mission of YUNA Zanzibar is to be a platform that shall engage, involve, empower and inspire young people in Zanzibar to become leaders , professionals and change makers in the society.


Schools:  Lumumba Secondary School, Benbella Girls School, and Kisiwandui Nursery  School

Ilham Khamis

Team Leader: Lumumba Secondary School

Zanzibar, Tanzania


Hi! My name is Ilham and I'm in 11th grade.

I'm the leader of The Parallel Projects for the Lumumba Secondary School in Tanzania.

We are working on projects with students from the United States and Tanzania.  And our goal is to work together "in parallel" to create solutions for a safer and greener world.  


We are also working together on projects to “RECREATE” the future to solve problems such as plastic pollution, deforestation, unsustainable living habits, and climate change.  We believe in using science and technology to create better products and businesses. 

One project we are working on right now is asking students to come up with solutions on ways to use less plastic.  For example, use a reusable water bottle or reusable bags instead of single use plastic bottles and bags.  And then we are working with businesses to find products that don't harm the environment, people, or animals.


Most of all, we want everyone to enjoy nature.





The Parallel Projects works with the Loukoumi International Council.

Once a month the students from each school around the world meet on Zoom to showcase their cultures and their good deed projects with other schools, share ideas, inspire each other and plan to work on global good deed projects together. What a wonderful group of students today from the schools listed on this map, with other cities to follow. We are very excited for this new program and together these amazing students will indeed make a difference around the world!

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